Currently No Regulations!

There are currently no regulations at the state or the federal level that require establishments that have indoor play lands (i.e. McDonalds, Burger King, Chuck e Cheese) to keep them clean or safe. Additionally, without regulatory incentive most places either do not have proper corporate cleaning and maintenance protocols or they are not being enforced. After discovering first-hand how bad they can get without regulation we embarked on a mission to gather a national data set to raise awareness about the potential health risk they pose to children. Thus far we have data representing the Southwest, Midwest, and the Eastern United States.

In every state, in every city, the results indicate the presence of potentially dangerous, opportunistic pathogens including those that can cause meningitis, sepsis, hair, scalp and skin infections, abscesses, gastrointestinal disease/infection, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, food borne illness and more. Some of the strains we found are multiple-drug resistant.

As if the bacterial numbers aren’t problematic enough, an alarming trend has emerged, broken and damaged equipment. Among the problems I have found are climbing ropes held together by string, broken second story windows, missing screws in planks, shredded climbing bumps, large cracks in slides, and unsecured platforms,  

Parents need to be aware of this information so they can take necessary precautions. Also, it is imperative that regulations be put into place so that no more children are unnecessarily endangered.

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